Further information regarding the coronavirus

The ISSBS regularly monitors the coronavirus developments.

There are no changes in the delivery of lectures and exams. If the situation changes, students and teachers will be notified immediately via email.

We advise students, professors, faculty staff and others to:

  • act preventively, with hygiene measures (proper washing of hands, cough hygiene, etc.),
  • read and follow the instructions of the National Institute of Public Health,
  • keep track of official information on disease development and preventive measures,
  • if you are abroad, follow the instructions of the local authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We also ask all visitors of ISSBS (students, professors, colleagues etc.) not to come to the faculty in case of any signs of deteriorated health and well-being (coughing, fever etc.) and we recommend that you use other communication options (telephone, e-mail, e-classroom etc.). At the same time, we guarantee that we will respect any personal action taken by individuals who may feel threatened. Students should inform the lecturers about their possible absence from lectures or tutorials for the reasons mentioned above by e-mail.

For more information, please contact us.