Alumni and friends of ISSBS

Alumni and friends of ISSBS are a network of graduates, as well as students, faculty members, business experts, and other ISSBS partners from Slovenia and abroad. The basic purpose of networking is to create opportunities for professional and business networking, strengthening old friendships, and establishing new ones in order to promote professional growth of individuals and the development of the faculty in our region and also in the international environment.

Alumni and friends of ISSBS organize various events to which all its members are invited. In previous years, the faculty organized a series of round tables on current topics, a series of diplomatic evenings, and ceremonial diploma and commendation awards to students and graduates of the ISSBS.

”The doctoral study enabled me to get acquainted with theoretical concepts and research work, as well as to compare the acquired theoretical knowledge with the existing practical experience. The latter is especially welcome, as research work brings us a broader view of the challenges in the daily functioning of companies. The programme Knowledge Management offers business leaders the opportunity to realize its potential and consequently increase their performance.”
Andrej Novak, Alumni of PhD programme Knowledge Management
Executive director of the company Ledinek Engineering
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