We deliver national and European projects in economics, business sciences, administration and organisational sciences, and education. Results can be seen in scientific monographs, higher education textbooks, scientific articles and conference proceedings published by our own publishing house. Every year, we organise a high-profile international scientific conference MakeLearn. We also involve our students in research activities.

PIC Number: 968823779

Registration of research group of ISSBS at the Slovenian Research Agency (SRA)

International School for Social and Business Studies is registered in the registry of research institutes and organizations in the SRA under number 2711 since 2008. Research group ISSBS is called Research Group for Social and Business Studies and has the SRA code 2711-001.

Research office contact

You can contact the ISSBS' Research/Project Office at e-mail address  international@issbs.si regarding past or ongoing projects or your interest for cooperation.

International projects

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