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Knowledge is power.

Sir Francis Bacon

Study programmes in English

Study programmes at ISSBS are focused on the acquisition of quality knowledge. We offer 3-year PhD in Knowledge Management programme in English. Study programme allows for the optimum balance of work and study commitments. Students acquire knowledge of management, business studies, learning and education. The PhD programme also enables research and international publication.

Study programmes

International conference MakeLearn & TIIM

ISSBS organises scientific, professional and student conferences. For years, the well-established and highly successful international scientific conference MakeLearn & TIIM has been encouraging exchange of the latest achievements in management, economics, technology and education. Through the inclusion of experiences of young academics and practitioners from all continents, it stimulates the discussion and exchange of knowledge between academia and the business sector and offers a variety of options for publication.

MakeLearn & TIIM
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"Knowledge and its application separate the more successful from the less successful. As part of the doctoral programme, we show the students how to succeed as an individual, organisation or society."
Associate Professor Dr Valerij Dermol

At ISSBS, we create success stories.

Why study at ISSBS?

All study programmes award internationally accredited deegres, while they are accredited by Slovene Quality Assurance Agency (SQAA). Your deegre is going to be recognized all around the world, while SQAA is a member of ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education).

Higher education teachers use active teaching and learning methods. Students studying at ISSBS also benefits from an international environment and opportunities for career development. As a postgraduate student, you will also have the opportunity to have your work published by ToKnowPress, an international academic publishing house, and to participate at an annual international scientific conference MakeLearn.

ISSBS programmes are internationally accredited, which demonstrates our commitment to quality and maturity of our operations. This strengthens the employability of our graduates with both local and international employers.


At ISSBS, we create success stories. Amongst our graduates are highly successful individuals – innovative entrepreneurs, influential managers, reputable consultants, prominent journalists, popular principals and many others.

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“As the dean, I strive to ensure that ISSBS students gain extensive applicable knowledge and experience, which they will benefit from in their careers. At the same time, I wish for many original ideas, motivated students with creative initiatives, and a great working atmosphere for all of us. International School for Social and Business Studies is the treasury of knowledge you are looking for, so join us on our shared journey!“
Asst Prof Dr Srečko Natek,

Research is
creation of new


We deliver national and European projects in economics, business sciences, administration and organisational sciences, and education. Results can be seen in scientific monographs, higher education textbooks, scientific articles and conference proceedings published by our own publishing house. Every year, we organise a high-profile international scientific conference MakeLearn. We also involve our students in research activities.

Your next steps to a successful career.

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