ISSBS postgraduate programme provides an excellent opportunity to continue your studies and take on new career challenges.

We offer a 1-year Master’s programme and a 3-year PhD programme in English. Both programmes allow for the optimum balance of work and study commitments.

Students can gain expert knowledge of management, business studies, learning and education, as well as practical experience through case studies of local and foreign organisations. The PhD programme also provides excellent opportunities for research and international publication.

Master’s degree, an inspiration for your own entrepreneurial path

I was lucky to meet some inspirational individuals during my postgraduate study at ISSBS. The programme not only strengthened my interest in everything related to knowledge, but also stimulated what’s most important – personal development. This was largely due to some outstanding individuals who continue to be close friends, with a particularly special impression made by those inspiring professors who knew how to ask the right provocative questions to encourage us to look beyond existing boundaries and face the biggest challenge on our journey to success: ourselves. In addition to gaining professional competencies, the programme was an invaluable life experience, which brings a smile to my face time and time again and gives me encouragement for the future.

Postgraduate Master’s and PhD programmes provide an excellent basis for a successful international career:

Portret Svetlana Lazovič
Svetlana Lazovič
Master graduate, licensed trainer and managing director of Brainobrain Celje
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