Signing of a memorandum of understanding within the Erasmus + project VALEU-X

As a partner institution of the consortium, ISSBS participates in the Erasmus + project VALEU-X, which supports the internationalization of Albanian universities by introducing virtual blended mobility as an instrument of internationalization at home.

In September 2021, the partners of the VALEU-X project gathered in Albania for the second expert forum. On this occasion, a multilateral Memorandum of understanding was signed. The signing of the Memorandum of understanding took place at the Epoka premises with representatives of all partners of the consortium (9 institutions from Europe and Albania). The aim of this memorandum is to further expand scientific ties and facilitate academic cooperation between partner institutions, with a special focus on “Joint International Online Learning” (COIL) and the internationalization @ home based on the VCL framework (virtual joint collaboration) and related joint activities in the framework of the VAELU-X project cooperation.

You can read more about the event HERE.

You can read more about the VALEU-X project HERE.

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