JOVITAL, Jordan opportunity for virtual innovative teaching and learning, is a cooperation project with the aim to foster academic exchange using virtual mobility in order to offer innovative learning opportunities to university students and disadvantage learners in Jordan. JOVITAL is implemented by 4 European institutions, including ISSBS, and 5 Jordanian universities. Lead contractor is  Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), Germany.

JOVITAL offers Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Jordan a chance to explore, implement, and disseminate state of the art academic practices to enhance teaching quality and improve learning outcomes.

A comprehensive capacity building programme will be implemented to facilitate intensive know-how transfer between the consortium members to address the problems of: outdated instructor-centered frontal teaching methods, limited physical academic mobility, and ineffective use of ICT in formal higher education in Jordan.

The specific objectives of JOVITAL are:

  1. Qualification of academic staff at Jordanian HEIs on modern pedagogical and didactical methodologies for innovative virtual teaching and learning settings;
  2. Support Jordanian HEIs in adopting and implementing effective ICT-based internationalisation at home activities and integrate Jordanian HEIs in a global network for “Virtual Mobility”;
  3. Open up higher education in Jordan to integrate disadvantaged groups including women, rural areas inhabitants and refugees in inclusive virtual classroom settings.

More information about JOVITAL is available here.

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