ISSBS Student Council for the academic year 2020/2021

In November elections to the ISSBS Student Council took place. The students elected their new representatives among 8 candidates. The ISSBS Student Council, which is the representative body of ISSBS students and determined by the Higher Education Act, the ISSBS Statute and the Student Council Rules, consists of seven students, representatives of undergraduate and postgraduate study programs.

Student Council represent the following students:

Jernej Lipičnik, Knowledge Management
Rebeka Drnovšek, Knowledge Management
Dženana Brkič, Economics in Contemporary Society
Tomaž Pinter, Business in Contemporary Society
Natalija Herič, Management and Quality in Education
Luka Seme, Business in Contemporary Society
Domagoj Nikolič, Knowledge Management (PhD)

The sequence of names in the above paragraph is written randomly. The presidency and other functions will be elected by the representatives at the constitutive session, 19.11.2020.

Sincere congratulations to the elected students and successful work!