Future Erasmus students are welcome to send their nominations to the international office of ISSBS until the end of December 2021, since we still have places available for Erasmus study mobility. More about the nomination and application procedure is available here.

You can read about student Erasmus’s experience here at ISSBS here.

The course catalog for 2021/2022 is available here.  We are offering classes in a form of consultations in English with the professor, where the student receives guidelines for the classes as well as for instructions for the literature. Erasmus students are also strongly advised to join regular classes with Slovenian students to encourage integration in faculty and student life.

There is a possibility for students to stay in student dorms in Celje, Student dormitory Celje is located near the town center. A short, 15-minute walk takes you to the faculty. University students are accommodated in one of the two blocks, which is separate from the secondary school students’ block. There is a well-equipped kitchen, a laundry room with a washing machine and a tumble dryer, and several common rooms for socializing.
Students can also live in private accommodation or at Hostel in Celje.

We also offer to tutor foreign students ISSBS tutors are students who are willing to share their knowledge with fellow students. They take initiative, are enthusiastic, and are ready to help others at any time. Tutoring is organized so that it makes integration into the study program and study environment easier for students, provides support and help with the most demanding courses as well as with general advice during the study, including on any problems that may arise. Tutoring strengthens the close relationship between students and higher education teachers and the faculty.

If you are interested to study at ISSBS as an Erasmus student, please contact barbara.jurgec@mfdps.si for more intormation. We will be happy to help you!

You can read about student Erasmus experience here at ISSBS here.

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