From 7 to 13 May 2023, Dr Marko Zebec Koren embarked on an enriching Erasmus mobility journey to the Western Galilee College (WGC) in Israel. As part of this programme, Marko’s main focus was to deliver lectures on the field of IT outsourcing relationships, emphasizing the IT outsourcing relationship model and the crucial dimension of trust. In addition, he conducted a series of workshops for IT outsourcing participants, introducing them to the principles of management games methods.

The Erasmus mobility at Western Galilee College provided Dr Marko Zebec Koren with a platform to share his expertise and engage with students eager to learn about IT outsourcing relationships. His lectures and workshops contributed to a deeper understanding of the subject, equipping participants with valuable insights and practical skills for their future endeavors in the field.

Overall, Marko’s teaching mobility was a resounding success, fostering knowledge exchange and international collaboration. It exemplified the essence of the Erasmus programme by promoting cross-cultural understanding and academic growth.

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