We are connected with more than 250 businesses in the region

Portret Tomaž Lapoša

Tomaž Lapoša

Project manager at Pomurski tehološki park

“At the Pomurski tehnološki park, we are very satisfied with the cooperation with the faculty. Students solve our entrepreneurial challenges, delve deeply into the topic, make market analyses and propose solutions. At the same time, we also cooperate with the faculty in the application and implementation of various projects.”
Portret Urša Gradišnik

Urša Gradišnik

Head of marketing at Interdent d.o.o.

“Doing an internship with a company is an excellent opportunity to connect theory with practice as a student; therefore, ISSBS connecting with businesses is extremely important.”
Portret Melanija Korošec

Melanja Korošec

Director of strategic marketing, Marles hiše Maribor, d.o.o.

“Contact with students and lectures at the faculty are a special pleasure for me, as I firmly believe in the direct transfer of knowledge from practice to student benches. Elan, as an innovative global brand, strives for continuous improvement; contact with the younger population often gives us an invaluable opinion and an external view of our work. Many times it is through the debate, or the project tasks of the students, that interesting ideas and inspiring thoughts become solidified.”

ECTS and Grading System

The European Credit Transfer System - ECTS was developed by the European Commission and defines the evaluation of student workload in the form of credit points. In European countries, 60 ECTS credits are allocated to the workload of each academic year. At ISSBS, 1 ECTS credit equates to 25 hours of workload; one academic year equals 1,500 hours of workload.

ECTS and institutional grading scale (.pdf)


ISSBS tutors are students who are willing to share their knowledge with fellow students. They take initiative, are enthusiastic and ready to help others at any time. Tutoring is organised so that it makes integration into the study programme and study environment easier for students, provides support and help with the most demanding courses as well as with general advice during the study, including on any problems that may arise. Tutoring strengthens the close relationship between students and higher education teachers and the faculty.

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International student conference

International student conference KoMe brings together students and graduates and gives them an opportunity to publicly present and publish their research achievements and ideas in entrepreneurship, economics and management. It is also an environment in which young participants can respond to the current social and economic situation, exchange opinions with their peers and establish professional relationships.

Student Accommodation

Student dormitory Celje is located near the town centre. A short, 15-minute walk takes you to the faculty. University students are accommodated in one of the two blocks, which is separate from the secondary school students’ block. There is a well-equipped kitchen, a laundry room with a washing machine and a tumble dryer, and several common rooms for socialising.
Students can also live in private accommodation or at Hostel in Celje.

Student meals

Slovenia is the only country in Europe with coupons systems. This means that students can eat a nice student meal in certain restaurants in Celje or everywhere in Slovenia for 2,5 EUR on average. The rest of the meal is subsidized by Slovenian Government. You have two options for that: you can use your mobile phone with Slovenian number or you order a special card which cost 15 EUR and you receive it within few days.
Celje has aslo an excellent offer of spaghetterias, pizzerias, taverns with homemade food, as well as fast food. For a genuine experience, head to the city marketplace to enjoy the food from the countryside.
Študentska soba
  • 233 beds
  • 1 and 2 bed rooms
  • Fitness
Študentska prehrana 1
Študentski dom
Študentska prehrana 2
A great selection of restaurants with subsidized student meals.

Sports and social activities

Activities and social gatherings for young people are organized by the Youth Center Celje Young people have also the possibility to attend cinemas, a city theater, museums and galleries, a skating rink, fitness centers, a swimming pool and a number of shops and bars in old town.

The city of Celje offers several walking, cycling and hiking trails that surround the old town center and lead to Mestni gozd (the City Forest) with the Drevesna Hiška (Tree House), to the Lake Šmartinsko or to Celjska koča (the Celje hut), a sports destination for winter/summer activities that offers a beautiful view of the whole city, as well as of the Adventure Park. For more details please check here.

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