In the new academic year 2023/2024, we enrolled the 8th generation of doctoral students in Knowledge Management. So far, nine students have graduated from the Knowledge Management doctoral program and obtained the scientific title of Doctor of Science.

At the first introductory meeting  Doctoral Seminar 1, we were joined by the dean of the faculty, dr. Srečko Natek, vice dean dr. Kristijan Breznik and the president of the Galilee International Management Institute from Israel, Dr. Joseph Shevel, who addressed the students and wished them successful studies. We were also joined by a professor and mentor at the MFDPŠ, Dr. Fred Kohun from Robert Morris University (USA), who presented his experience of mentoring doctoral students from the perspective of a rich academic history. This was followed by the presentation of the study program and the detailed contents of the doctoral studies, which were presented by the head of the program, dr. Dušan Lesjak.

Doctoral studies, which have been taught by lecturers from world-renowned universities in recent years, are conducted in English and online, as there are currently 44 students enrolled in all years, who, in addition to Slovenia and Croatia, come from Mexico, Russia, Africa and Albania.

We have already enrolled the 17th generation of undergraduate and postgraduate students, which we are very proud of!



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