Invitation to the final conference of the project CiSoTRA

ISSBS with international project partners
invites you to an international conference

“Civil Society for social inclusion of unaccompanied minors in transition to adulthood – learning communities for shaping transition interfaces” (CiSoTRA),

which will be on Thursday, March 18, 2021 from 11 a.m. onwards

The conference will be held on-line and will be available on this LINK.

You can read more about the program and the agenda of the conference in the INVITATION.

Invited audiences:
• Representatives of migration policy makers at international / national / regional level
• Academics, researchers
• Professionals and volunteers working with young migrants (education, labor market, social protection, etc.)
• Younger unaccompanied migrants and / or younger adults
• General public and media

Invited countries: project countries (Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Greece), other EU countries and beyond.

Attendance at the conference is free of charge.

Interested participants are asked to register for the event as soon as possible or by March 15, 2021 at the latest.

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.