Elections to the Student Council – submitting the ballot paper

The Student Council is a representative body of ISSBS students, consisting of 7 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Until  November 3 2020, the submission of candidacies for representatives in the Student Council of the ISSBS for the academic year 2020/2021 took place. The application was submitted by 8 candidates. Because of the epidemic, we sent the students the list of candidates for the ISSBS Student Council elections in the academic year 2020/2021 and the ballot paper. Due to the epidemiological situation, the elections are held by post. In accordance with the Statute (28/2020- Statute), the ISSBS Student Council has 7 members.

We kindly ask you to return the ballots no later than Friday, November 13 2020. On the ballot paper, mark the number in front of the candidate. You can mark maximum seven (7) candidates.

 The application was submitted by the following 8 candidates within the deadline:

  • Dženana Brkić: ECS, 2. study year
  • Luka Seme: BCS, 1. study year
  • Aleksandar Savić: BCS, 1. study year
  • Tomaž Pinter: BCS, 3. study year
  • Rebeka Drnovšek: KM, 1. study year
  • Jernej Lipičnik: KM, status 12 months
  • Natalija Herič: MQE, 1. study year
  • Domagoj Nikolić: KM DR, 3. study year

Dženana Brkić

Luka Seme

Aleksandar Savić

Tomaž Pinter

Rebeka Drnovšek

Jernej Lipičnik

Natalija Herič

Domagoj Nikolić