Virtual Erasmus + mobility for training purposes

Last week, we carried out a virtual Erasmus + mobility with partner institution Kasetsart university for the purpose of training, which was implemented by prof. Nada Trunk Širca. We have decided for virtual mobility because the current situation with COVID-19 does not allow travel to Thailand without restrictions.

The focus of virtual mobility was on the preparation and implementation of this year’s ML & TIIM 2021 conference. Meetings were planned with representatives of Kasetsart University (and representatives of other partner institutions), in order to review the number of existing mobility between institutions; as well as to identify activities that would increase this number.

The meetings identified further objectives for cooperation between Kasetsart University and ISSBS:
1. Realistic objectives for further cooperation between the institutions have been set.
2. List of possible cooperation activities for the period 2022-2027 (new Erasmus + period).
3. A detailed plan for the implementation of the International Scientific Conference MakeLearn & TIIM, the International Publishing House ToKnowPress and the academic journal IJMKL was defined, as well as a plan for future cooperation and cooperation of partners.