The first virtual graduation ceremony at the ISSBS

On 21 January 2021, the 13th graduation ceremony was held by the ISSBS, which, for the first time took, place virtually due to the epidemiologic situation. In the previous academic year 2019/2020, 47 students graduated from the undergraduate studies of the 1st level and 55 students from the postgraduate master’s programs of the 2nd level At the same time, the promotion of our second doctor of science dr. Andrej Novak took place. We also awarded commendations for success in studies, commendations for the best graduate, the best diploma / master’s thesis, and for student tutoring.

As the dean, Assist. Prof. Srečko Natek said in his speach, we are proud of the past and current academic year because we managed to achieve all the set educational and research goals despite the circumstances. ”In the second decade of its operation, our faculty is showing maturity in all fields, which is also confirmed by the positive trend of enrolled students; this year, we have 496 students, 1.100 graduates, and the second doctor of science. By students of different generations and regions, including abroad, and by different schools and many employees, our faculty was chosen as the most suitable for their academic development. Our faculty was also recognized as student-friendly by top athletes, as well as students who need our special attention. We put a lot of effort to bringing studies closer to students and encourage them to be successful. Especially today, when we are all deprived of genuine human contact and live communication due to the epidemic, this is an even greater challenge for everyone. ”

Congratulations to the 2019/2020 generation of graduates!