The conclusion of Erasmus+ international project “NUCIF”

The Erasmus+ international project “NUCIF” will be concluded on 14 April 2020. ISSBS has been a partner institution in this international project with universities from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay. The main objective of the project was to strengthen the cross-border university network in Latin America, by creating a governance model which is open to local public institutions and private companies, to promote universities’ expertise in key Latin American development issues (eg agriculture, environment and climate change, sustainable tourism and cultural assets, circular economy) and developing joined curricula to support cross-border cooperation between institutions.

The project has created 4 Knowledge Hubs (KH) of which content addresses the key issues of Latin American development. In cooperation with the partner universities of Argentina, ISSBS has participated in the field of sustainable tourism and in the development and implementation of the Knowledge Hub  Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism. Within the project, various seminars for researchers, teachers as well as dissemination events for students, were also implemented, with the help of the Knowledge Hub.

An important result of the project is also e-platform, within which on-line seminars with educational videos and materials are available. In addition, Latin American universities launched various development projects in areas such as agriculture, environment and climate change, sustainable tourism and cultural assets and circular economy in which they collaborated with companies and associations, local authorities, other universities, etc.

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