New student Erasmus+ mobility in Naples Italy

In March 2021, ISSBS student Sabina started Erasmus + study mobility at the Università Telematica Pegaso in Naples. She will spend the next 4 months in Naples and get to know the largest city in southern Italy while studying.

Students go on exchanges for various reasons – because it is a more favorable way to get to know new countries, because of the quality of studies and spreading acquaintances, because of good parties with international students and there are many other reasons to study or perform traineeship abroad. In any case, students gain a new perspective and new experiences on how to live independently in a foreign city, meet new people, habits and cultures. All of this is certainly an important experience that students can also add to their CVs and perhaps impress their new employer.

We are adding a photo of Sabina before leaving for the plane from the airport in Trieste and we wish her a wonderful Erasmus + experience, which in the light of the corona virus should be above all safe, healthy and without excessive corona restrictions.