First partners’ meeting for the project Internationally active – professionally valuable (InaProf)

ISSBS is participating as a partner institution in the international Erasmus+ project Internationally active – professionally valuable (InaProf)

On 17 February 2021, the first international meeting of project partners from Poland (Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Administracji  w Lublinie), Slovenia (International School for Social and Business Studies), Germany (Deggendorf  Institute of  Technology  from University of Applied Sciences),  Cyprus (Frederick University) and Portugal (School  of  Education and  School  of  Technology  of  the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal) took place in e-environment.

The leading institution of the project is Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Administracji w Lublinie. At ISSBS, the head of the project is prof. dr. Nada Trunk Širca.

The main goal of the project is to increase the interest of European HEIs employees in participating in international activities implemented by their universities by developing a set of tools and guidelines dedicated to HEI staff until end of project. Materials developed under the project will be directed to HEI authorities on the one hand – giving them real and practical tips on how to motivate employees, and on the other hand to employees – helping to overcome barriers that inhibit their participation in international universities.

During the implementation of the project, following activities are planned:
1. Surveys among the HEI employees from countries participating in the project. An online survey containing questions about the motivation to participate in various international activities carried out at the HEI where they work, as well as questions about the most important factors preventing individuals from participating in such activities. Based on surveys, a
report with results in individual countries will be prepared. Report will also contain a comparative analysis of motivation in individual countries.
2. Desk research on the best practices in motivating employees to participate in international activities carried out by their universities. In each project country, experts will select 5 universities where the largest percentage of employees take part in international activities. Then, systems that motivate employees to international activity will be analyzed.
3. Preparation of the publication. On the basis of the results of research under O1, a publication will be prepared, which will contain research reports under O1, as well as a set of guidelines for HEIs authorities on how to encourage and motivate employees to actively engage in international activities implemented by the university. Publication in the languages of
all partners, available online.

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