ISSBS students Erasmus+ mobilities in 2019/2020

So far, in the academic year 2019/2020, three of ISSBS students have carried out their student mobilities in Portugal and Austria.

Nina Zlatečan, a second-year student of masters program Knowledge Management, has performed her mobility at the School of Communication and Media Studies in Lisbon in the autumn semester of the current academic year. Nina says that she does not regret the decision for Erasmus mobility, as studying at a foreign university, as well as living in Lisbon, were both very interesting experiences. Most of the lessons were based on group work and subsequent individual reports and presentations, which meant quite a lot of ongoing work. Nina also got to know the beautiful Lisbon and other parts of Portugal in addition to her studies.

Martin Satler, a student of ISSBS undergraduate program, chose to carry out his study mobility, because he wanted to open himself to new opportunities. He also had a desire to get to know foreign cultures and language and form new bonds. He chose Austria mainly because of the German language, as well as culture, customs and rules, as he once has a desire to work in Germanic countries. Mobility was a unique experience and Martin would recommend it to all students as it contributes to broadening horizons and building bridges between cultures.

Masters student Gregor Rozman has carried his study mobility at University Portucalense during the outbreak of the COVID-19. Before the outbreak of the virus, life in Porto went smoothly, but in March they closed the university and set up lectures via the Zoom app. Certain Erasmus students and other international students stayed in Portugal, but some preferred to return home. Gregor has also decided to stay in Portugal and continue his studies through the Zoom app. Everyday life in Porto came to an end with the declaration of a state of emergency, going outside was only possible for visiting grocery stores, hospitals and pharmacies. Public transport remained operational and was even free during quarantine. Despite the fact that the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus prevented certain events and lectures at the university, Gregor said that online lectures were carried out flawlessly. He recommends Erasmus study mobility to every student.