Guest lecturer dr. Kris M. Y. Law from Hong Kong Polytechnic University 

Between February and June 2018 and in the framework of the project “Foreign Visiting Professors at MFDPŠ”, ISSBS is hosting dr. Kris M. Y. Law from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr. Law is specialized in organizational learning, innovation and entrepreneurship and project management.

Dr.  Kris M. Y. Law is going to fully implement the 6 ECTS credits elective subject of the undergraduate study program Innovation in Entrepreneurship. The subject was designed by the professor as a combination of workshops, lectures, exercises, group projects and student reflection. Students will learn how to transform innovative ideas into practical business ideas as part of the course, while at the same time they will develop learning skills and analytical thinking.

In addition to the implementation of the whole course, Kris M. Y. Law also participated as a guest lecturer at the subjects Learning Skills and Research Methods in Social Sciences.