On 29 May 2020, as part of the project “Foreign visiting teachers at the ISSBS”, we hosted Dr. Suzana Košir. Dr. Košir is a professor at the institution in the  Middle East and has carried out 4 hours of lectures at the subjects Learning Skills and Business Skills Development on the topic of Effective Parallel Thinking using the Six Hat Thinking Method. The method that develops effective parallel thinking is very effective in creating and developing group projects, ideas, research or diploma theses, managing meeting dynamics, problem solving and effective decision making. She also gave a 4 hour lecture at a subject Business Communication on a really interesting topic Intercultural Communication: a comparison between two countries.

Visits of internationally renowned lecturers from various fields take place within the Public Call for Short and Long Visits of Foreign Experts and Higher Education Teachers to Slovenian Higher Education Institutions in 2019-2022, co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

“The operation is partly funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. The operation is implemented within the Operational Program 2014-2020, priority axes: 10. Knowledge, skills and lifelong learning for better employability; Improving investment: 10.1 Improving equal access to lifelong learning for all age groups in formal, non-formal and informal learning, modernizing the knowledge, skills and competences of the workforce and promoting flexible forms of learning, including through vocational counseling and validation, specific objective: 10.1 .3 Promoting flexible forms of learning and supporting quality career guidance for school-going youth at all levels of the education system. ”