Erasmus + mobility of two students from Poland

This year from February onwards, two students from the Faculty of Economics of Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW are carrying out their study mobility at ISSBS.

Margareta Zeber is a student of undergraduate studies, while Damian Irzyk is a postgraduate student. Both are enthusiastic about the current Erasmus+ mobility and they feel welcomed here in Slovenia and the ISSBS. For the place of living they chose capital Ljubljana, which they describe as a very fascinating city with a pleasant climate, which at the same time offers many benefits for everyday life. Especially enjoyable is the vibrancy of the city of Ljubljana with students and cultural events. In addition to study obligations at the ISSBS, they find time to travel around Slovenia, they have already visited Maribor and Ptuj and seen some of Celje.

Margareta says that the way of teaching at our school is admirable. All students are involved in discussions during the lectures and always have the opportunity to participate in teamwork projects, which she thinks is excellent. Damian describes the tasks assigned to him as part of the study obligations as quite challenging, but at the same time very inspiring and informative.