ERASMUS+ guest lectures and training of professors from partner faculties

In April in the frame of Erasmus+ ISSBS has hosted professors from partner faculties. Dr. Fatih Comleksi from the Turkish partner Kirklalery University and dr. Ramidayu Yousuf from the Thai Kasetsart University also participated in the KoME Student Conference, under the Erasmus + training program, presenting innovative projects of the home faculty and its advantages, which would allow our students to recognize the added value of mobility that would attract them to potential new applications to the Erasmus+ program.

ISSBS has also hosted Tunisian professors from the partner University of Tunisia. Dr. Olfa Kammoun, who is the head of the academic incubator at the Faculty of Mathematics of UT, held a meeting with mag. Gregor Jagodič, who presented the structure of student training in the Entrepreneurship course, as well as the system of practical training for students of ISSBS. Dr. Hajer Ben Romdhane, assistant professor in the field of informatics and computer science, also delivered a lecture for students of the ISSBS on the topic of operational research and modeling of decisions. The professors also met with the leadership of ISSBS, where they identified new possibilities for cooperation in the future.