A recognized American professor held a lecture for our doctoral study programme

Prof. Dr. Frederik G. Kohun from the Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, comes to Celje every year and holds lectures for our students at all levels of study. Due to the current situation, the lecture was this time held from distance. Dr. Kohun introduced the characteristics of doctoral studies at the Robert Morris University to the first year doctoral students with an emphasis on the great similarity with the doctoral study programme at the ISSBS.


He then focused on the characteristics of research in the framework of doctoral studies and the structure of the doctoral dissertation, which was followed by a lively discussion which he initiated as a provocative interlocutor.


He rated the students as highly motivated!

In 2020/2021, we enrolled the 4th generation in the doctoral program Knowledge Management. We enrolled 15 students from different countries of the world. More information about the study programme is available here.
The cover photo is from three years ago, when we hosted dr. Kohun in our lecture hall.